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Discovering Wellness

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Discovering Balance is a counseling center that is dedicated to helping you utilize your personal strengths to promote life balance. We provide individual family and group therapy.

This is our very first post and I want to set the tone for months to come. We will frequently post wellness Wednesday tip to encourage and promote positive health in all areas of life. We will focus on mental health, health, self image, career, family, finances and relationships. Tips can be useful as talking points on this page, reflection for week or encouragement to make life changes. If this post has you feeling motivated for the possibility for change, complete a life balance worksheet.…/docume…/Life-balance-tools.pdf This will allow you to make notes of areas you are satisfied in and area you may want to change. Through out the weeks the wellness tips will help you identify ways to work towards achieving your goal. Don’t want to complete the balance worksheet no problem you can still follow our page to incorporate some positive content in your life! If you have any questions about the balance wheel feel free to email me directly at

I wish you a week filled with balance and joy! If you or anyone you know can benefit from therapeutic support please contact us at:


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