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Wellness Wednesday Tip: Assessing My Anger

Have you ever wondered if your feelings of anger are normal? Everyone experiences feelings of anger from time to time. The intensity of your anger can range from mild annoyance to severe rage. Mild anger can help motivate you to stand up for yourself and stand as motivation to communicate your wants and needs to others. Severe anger can cause unwanted consequence leaving some people to wonder if their anger is a problem. This weeks wellness Wednesday tip is to assess your anger. You can start by asking yourself these five questions; do I often become angry, is my anger negatively impacting my relationships, do I say or do things I don’t mean when angry, is it hard for me to move forward after I experience anger and do I ever become aggressive when angry. If you answered yes to a few of these questions you may benefit from learning better ways to manage your anger. The following link has a list of basic tips to better manage your temper In addition to learning techniques to control your anger it’s important to reflect on what really lies behind your feelings of anger? The attached image of the anger iceberg is a good visual representation. Speaking with a therapist can be very beneficial when attempting to increase insight. If you or anyone you know can benefit from therapeutic support please contact us at Discovering Balance. I wish you a week filled with balance and joy! Discovering Balance Phone:716-222-1670 Email: Blog: Website:


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