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Wellness Wednesday Tip: Self Reflection

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

With days filled with obligations and a world filled with distractions it is not easy to carve out time for self reflection. Most of us are in a habit of reflecting around the end of the year. What if we made self reflection a regular part of our routine and why is self reflection important anyway? Self reflection is like taking a hard look into the mirror. It’s beneficial to better understand ourselves, helps improve emotional self awareness and allows you to gain insight on personal values. Do you ever wonder why you react a certain way to situations or why certain thoughts are prevalent in your mind? Self reflection help you gain access to your unconscious thoughts, inspires self acceptance and encourages you to live with more intention. But how do we engage in this type of deep self reflection? One way is to start a daily reflection check in. Identify three questions to ask yourself regularly. Questions can vary depending on what you want to reflect on and change over time as you make progress or your circumstances change. Three example questions are 1. What was the best thing that happened to me today? 2. What can I accept that I can’t change? 3. What was the most important thing I did today? Feeling ambitious, use these questions or come up with your own and identify a time in your routine for self reflection i.e before lunch, while driving home from work or before bed. I wish you a week filled with balance and joy! If you or anyone you know can benefit from therapeutic support please contact us at: Discovering Balance Phone:716-810-2644 Email: Website:


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