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Wellness Wednesday Tip: Giving to Others

March is National Professional Social Work Month. This is an opportunity for social workers across the country to highlight the important contributions they make to society. During my career I have been fortunate to meet so many amazing social workers. Individuals that are selfless, hardworking and dedicated to helping others. This weeks wellness tip is to focus on giving to others. Sometimes we lose sight that we all have something to offer. Helping others positively impacts your own well being by boosting endorphins, increasing feeling of life satisfaction and creating social connections. You can help others by giving money, giving your time, sharing your expertise, engaging in random acts of kindness or donating goods and services. Feeling ambitious, commit to three random acts of kindness this week. The acts can be for people in your life or total strangers. Your acts can be anonymous but should focus on positively impacting another person. These acts don’t have to be grand gestures they can be small acts and don’t need to cost money. A few examples are to let someone go in front of you in line, give someone a compliment, bring in a treat or coffee for your co workers, text a list of things that you adore about a friend or family member, leave change in vending machine, let someone know that you love them, leave someone a positive comment online, ect.

If you have any questions regarding the role of a social worker or if you have any questions about therapeutic support feel free to contact me at: Discovering Balance. I wish you a week filled with balance and joy!

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